Pipe Freezing Service

Plumbisimo’s pipe freezing service is the ideal solution when you need to isolate or freeze a pressurized line. With our pipe freezing service, you can perform plumbing work, replace valves, and perform hydro tests without wasting water.

Plumbisimo – Professional Pipe Freezing Service

When you need to perform pipeline repair and maintenance work, stopping the water flow is often a challenge. Fortunately, you do this with our pipe freezing service. It’s a method where electric machine is applied to a specific section of the pipeline. Electric machine lowers the inside temperature to the point that water freezes inside and water flow stops. This procedure creates a freeze plug that can hold high pressure.

The pipe-freezing procedure is used when doing valve replacement, pump repair or replacement, pressure testing, and HVAC repair & maintenance work.

Our experts analyze the dimensions of the pipe, water flow, location of the pipeline, and several other factors to determine the pipe-freezing method’s effectiveness.

Why Choose Pipe Freezing?

You can face plumbing issues or water flow issues in your pipeline systems. This requires you to repair the system. In this case, you waste a lot of water because it keeps running through the pipeline while you’re not using it for any purpose. This calls for isolating the pipeline so the experts can perform the repair or replacement work conveniently without wasting the water.

The pipe-freezing method is a much better way to isolate pipelines because it’s non-intrusive and doesn’t involve any welding.

Another reason to use a pipe freezing service to isolate a pipeline is to plan the whole process. Based on the pipe size and other factors, you can predict the freeze time. It helps you with efficient time and resource planning.

Why Plumbisimo?

Here are a few reasons to hire Plumbisimo for its pipe freezing service.

Full-Time Assistance

When you hire our professionals, we ensure that you get full-time assistance. Regardless of our service aspect, we provide full assistance to ensure that everything is effectively managed and you get peace of mind.

Long-Standing Relationships

One of the aspects of our business is that we build long-standing relationships with our clients. Apart from our clients, we build strong relationships with our suppliers too.

Highly Trained Experts

We have highly trained and qualified pipe-freezing experts with their experience, in-depth knowledge of services, and the right qualifications.


We don’t want to break your bank, which is why our services come at fair pricing. If you want an affordable pipe freezing service, then hire our services.

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Let’s talk about your next pipeline project!

For your next pipeline project where you’ll need a pipe freezing service, you can rely on us for our professionalism and affordability. We have certified and experienced specialists to do the job efficiently and safely. Our experts help you determine the best approach for pipe freezing and do the job impeccably. You can reach us at our LinkedIn account!

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