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Blocked drains have long been a problem for a majority of the world’s population, and it happens for a variety of different reasons. Since the causes are many, the best plumbers will offer you a flexible and versatile solution. In some ways, (pardon us for being poetic) it’s an art. There is no exact science that deals with the cleaning or clearing of drainage pipes.

combination of different techniques – both old and new, are used to purge the waste pipes. Among those, one such method is called Electro-Mechanical cleaning. In this article, we will discuss what it is, the way it works, and how exactly it can help you descale your pipes.

What is Electro Mechanical Drain Cleaning?

The process of performing Electro-mechanical drain cleaning is easy enough. An electromechanical drain machine is a sophisticated device with numerous steel cutters and cables that are inserted in the drain. Once that’s done, the cables and cutters rip off the debris and restore the functionality of the drains.

You can use the same process to unblock sinks, urinals or any other pipe. The equipment used in performing this technique is portable and best for minor repairs. For example – cleaning pipes that do not require any high-pressure water jetting.

It can also remove concrete and limescale from the pipes. Overall, it’s a fast process with almost no room for trouble. It’s also a good option if you’re concerned about the unhygienic conditions caused due to drainage.

Why is it used?

Many people think drain-jetting is the perfect solution to every drainage issue. As it turns out, it is not. Suppose you’re clearing out the pipes from your toilet, sinks, shower voids, or so – there is a huge chance of flooding and damage due to the high water pressure.

In situations like this, opting for an electro-mechanical drain cleaning is your best bet. On another note, if your plumbing systems are present in areas of restricted access, the electromechanical system (also popularly called a ‘plumber’s snake’ for this reason) can help you pave the way amidst twisted pipework.

Some electro-mechanical drain cleaning cables also have pre-fitted springs that are ideal for cleaning and clearing the long section of drains and their corners.

Plumbisimo’s Drainage Solutions

At Plumbisimo, we believe in offering you the highest quality drainage service by sending in our most hardworking and professional workers. In situations where other drainage solutions are left unsuitable, the electro-mechanical drain cleaning method is the best option.

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