If you’ve ever needed hot water, a refrigerator, or insulation defect repair – you’ve heard the terms Thermal imaging and heat loss survey. However, are you aware of what the two modern techniques really imply? If not, here’s a quick guide on the two processes and their respective uses in the Plumbing industry.

What is Thermal Imaging?

It is a process that utilizes the heat from a particular object and helps you either locate or produce an image of the said object. The gist of it? Thermal imaging cameras are used for evaluating the infrared radiations and the variations in heat to be displayed by different colors.

You can see them being employed by electricians to identify the hot part in a system that would help them recognize the malfunctioning fraction. It is also used in many other industries – material-testing, aerospace industry, law enforcement, home-safety, etc.

Thermal image - Heat loss survey

How does it work?

The foundation of thermal imaging lies in the science of heat ( in poster terms – infrared energy). Heat is emitted from every object, and the amount of radiation emitted by it stands proportional to the heat it exudes.

Thermal imaging cameras are intricate appliances with numerous heat sensors that can detect minute changes in temperature. When they assemble all infrared radiations from the environment, the devices start to create an image using the temperature differences.


What is a heat loss survey?

There are only minor differences between the two techniques. The latter, called the thermal imaging heat loss survey is a technique that gives insights to a homeowner about the cold spaces in their home. It answers why  it is cold and which appliance is costing them money by wasting energy.

In case there are specific requirements, the same can be arranged for doors, windows, etc., by performing demographic scanning. We, at Plumbisimo, believe in providing you with the most comprehensive heat loss survey along with friendly and efficient workers to conduct it.


How do we use Thermal Imaging & Heat-loss surveys at Plumbisimo?

Almost all your Plumbing fixtures in a house are hidden within the walls, in the empty ceiling space, or under the floor. This indeed makes your abode aesthetic, but what happens when there’s a leak? Hence, thermal imaging helps a plumber locate unknown leaks, to figure out the part that needs repairing and to avoid water.

At Plumbisimo, we can provide you with an overall inspection of your plumbing systems – making you notice the damage before it’s too late. After years of experience in the plumbing industry, here’s a genuine recommendation – get a thermal imaging and heat loss inspection to ensure that at least something can help you recognize and repair the damage that you can’t see.

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